My motivations are rarely pure. My selfless pursuits are inextricably intertwined with selfish intents.

I want to volunteer my time to further a great mission and to be noticed by certain people. I want to lead an ambitious project to manifest a great vision and to satisfy my pride and cynicism.

Is it right to pursue a divinely inspired opportunity while I still cling to subtly to sin? This inner conflict stresses me out. It paralyzes me.

It's hard for me to accept that in me wheat and weeds grow together. But this is the human condition. This is why I belong here with everyone else just like me.

Purity is not a prerequisite for being or for action. The lack of pure altruism cannot prohibit the giving of alms. Impure love cannot prevent the pursuit of love. Let the wheat and the weeds grow together. The two will be separated in the end.