My friend needed a short term job and a short term place to live and he stayed with Dan and I. And he worked just two months of the summer doing the moving position where somebody needs their entire house packed and cleared and moved perhaps in the event of death, or living out of state, family, people transitioning to nursing homes, stuff like that. And my friend was doing this job to earn money so he could follow his like calling or dream or whatever word you want to use to move to Colorado. No job out there, no place to live, just knew he needed to get in the car and places roots in Boulder. And while he was cleaning out a house with the team the man who was there and owned the home was telling people where to put things and which things would be sold or moved with him. And he was an older man dying of cancer and he was given two months to live or something short like that. And as he and my friend got talking they shared both of their desire to live in Colorardo. And the older gentleman had lived there in his younger years basically taking time to be young and ski and enjoy life with minimal responsibilities. And that was exactly what my friend was about to do. So ironically he gave him his old skis and ski bags and equipment and cold weather gear from the 70s and 80s—quality material, like good stuff. And you know the older man was in a stage in his life where he was ready to be done and my friend was in a stage where he was ready to begin the same thing. And the painting is also from the man and was acquired from Coloarado and someone out there painted it—a mountain scene of someone's home. Kind of beautiful, huh?