I have a trigger finger for Shazam. I hate to lose a good song. It pains me to think that a song I heard once I may never hear again. The experience and memory are never repeatable. They are gone forever. I can't just hear the music. I have to have it. I want more.

The tragedy is that in the midst of scheming for more, I'm hardly focused on the song. I may hear it only once, but I won't have listened to it at all because I was too distracted trying to possess it forever.

Lately I've been feeling a great sense of contentment. I have a loving family, a comfortable home, a steady income, and supportive friendships. But I had to check myself today because as I was enjoying this elated feeling, I felt a dangerous discontentment. Sure, nothing is perfect. Everything could be bigger or better or more. But I am abundantly blessed in all of it. And I had hardly enjoyed what I had before I was already scheming how I could take more.

Discontent is not bad per se. It does not by itself make me ungrateful or materialistic. Discontent is holy. Discontent is how all new ideas are birthed. It forces me to acknowledge the depth of my desire. It pushes me to want more, until I finally find what my heart desires. There is peace knowing that nothing in this world will fully content me. But I don't need to let that prevent me from fully enjoying what I do have now.