I dislike the absence of post images. I dislike the plain background. I dislike the default settings. I dislike the software logo where my own name should be.

For years I wanted a robust online presence commensurate to my skills and experience. For years I wanted to commit to daily writing. Now I have the beginning of both but I loathe the incompleteness.

One of my most valuable takeaways from the agile software development methodology is frequent iteration. Get a usable product in front of the customer as early as possible. This gets feedback at the most critical time in the product lifecycle and reduces the risk and costs of developing the wrong product. Frequent iteration extends those benefits through the product development lifecycle.

I am learning to apply these principals more broadly through this blog. If I kept waiting for the perfect design, the perfect audience, the perfect message, I would never start. I am learning to accept the immaturity and relish in the vision of what is being birthed here. The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Getting from zero to one is the hardest part.

I have waited years to make this important to me. I don't need to wait any longer.