I used to believe that New Year's resolutions were foolish. I believed there was nothing more special about January 1 than April 28. I believed that resolutions were nothing more than empty hopes void of meaningful change.

It is true that a statement, in itself, is only a wish. However, all meaningful change requires that somebody at some point resolve that that change shall happen.

If change can begin on any day, then it can begin on New Year's Day. It's easier to make successful change when we leverage our perception of a fresh start to increase the momentum behind it.

Our failure to follow through with even most resolutions does not render all resolutions hopeless. It certainly does not condemn us as lazy, hopeless, or degenerate. Failure does not diminish the courage of the public declaration and honest attempt.

Let's not shun the resolutioners or experience disgust at resolutions themselves. Let's support them with encouragement and shared commitment.